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DFIR Principal Consultant / Case Manager​ (Remote)

The role of Principal Consultant / Case Manager at PNG Cyber is to assist with case management and lead a team through completing tasks required to keep cases moving forward. This hybrid position acts as a team lead function, which includes both technical expertise and primary client interaction with duties such as scoping calls, running engagements, and communicating with clients and attorneys on a frequent basis. Case Manager is responsible for case intake for their team, the full case management lifecycle for the cases they receive (scoping call, SOWs, case momentum, work product, final reports, and invoicing), and managing the individuals who directly report to them from a personnel perspective.

Job Description:

  • Technical background to properly provide quality control of work product with white glove service to clients
  • Ability to lead technical scoping calls where all relevant data must be collected to generate a statement of work
  • Ability to act as control point for all client / counsel case communications, managing expectations, diffusing issues
  • Ability to manage multiple engagements simultaneously and effectively
  • Take an active part in Incident Response and Digital Forensics related to ransomware, network breaches and unauthorized access of data, Business Email Compromises (BEC), IP theft, workplace & employment issues related investigations
  • Excellent customer service with clients is integral to the role including clear, efficient communication throughout the project lifecycle, and the ability to listen and understand the needs of the client and to communicate findings
  • High-availability and responsiveness to deadlines
  • Negotiate and engage with attackers/threat actors to resolve cybersecurity incidents
  • Take part in the creation, development and introduction of modern forensic techniques or solutions
  • Continuous self-development and training regarding best practices in incident response and computer forensics to achieve technical and leadership excellence
  • Produce quality written technical reports
  • Report review (grammar, spelling, formatting, professionalism)
  • Ability and experience in invoicing; to include review, modification and sending monthly or at completion of case
  • Ensure accountability, collaborates, communicates effectively, client focused, directs work, and drives results
Qualifications and Required/Preferred Experience
  •  A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science, Information Security, or other related fields is preferred
  • 5-10 years of relevant experience described above
  • Prior experience in consulting and liaising with customers/clients in the private sector is a plus.
  • Professional certifications: CompTIA, SANS, EnCE, CISSP, CEH, OSCP and any other relevant security certifications are desirable
  • Familiarity with Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX systems
  • Experience operating with the O365 framework at Microsoft
  • An understanding of encryption methods/algorithms and communication protocols
  • Ability to work with industry standard forensic tools
  • Experience generating statements of work
  • Experience in generating forensics reports
  • Ability to work with clients remotely to assist with running tools in their environment
  • Working on internal projects such as coding, scripting, documentation and creating internal tools related to innovation and automation
  • Assist with EDR product deployment (staging, installation, configuration)
  • Is an extrovert, leads by example and builds effective teams

Please submit resume to

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